FAQ for bloggers

This is aimed primarily at bloggers who want to write about CleVR. We also have a more general FAQ

What's this all about?
CleVR is a seriously easy way of creating and sharing panoramas and virtual tours.
What makes this special?
Most people have seen panoramas embedded on sites, whether this is on a real estate site or something like Google Street View. However it can be really hard and annoying to create and share them. The best stitching software is very expensive, and even the free ones can be very fiddly to use. Sharing them is even harder, especially if you want to link different locations together into a virtual tour. CleVR makes all of this very easy by having a very simple stitcher which integrates with the site, and an embeddable viewer. CleVR does for panoramas what YouTube did for video.
But what does it do?
The CleVR Stitcher is an Adobe AIR app that stitches photos together to form a panorama. It then uploads the panorama to clevr.com where you can use the Flash viewer to move around the view. You can embed it on your site similarly to YouTube. Look at this one to see what it's like. Click and drag to move around.

Panorama of Abbey Chambers in Bath on CleVR.com

You can embed this on your site using this code:
What are those areas in the panorama that go grey when I mouseover them?
Those are hotspots. Clicking them will show photos or text with more information about that location. Some of them will take you to another location.
Who are you?
CleVR Ltd. is a two person startup, based in Bristol, England. We are:
  • Matt Kane, who writes all of the code.
  • ...and James Bromley, who does most of the other stuff.
We've been doing this sort of thing for years now. We used to run a company making QuickTime VR tours, but found the software that was available very frustrating to use. We decided to set up this company to create our own software to do it better. We launched the first version in 2007.
Why do you have to have yet another flickr-style name?
We've actually had the name for years. Our old company registered the domain in 2000. The VR stands for "virtual reality", as in QuickTime VR
Do you have a screencast?
Certainly! Here's a screencast showing how to use the CleVR Stitcher
How about some screenshots?
How about some logos?

Here's a small one:

Here's a large one and a PDF version if you need it for print.

There's also the icon for the CleVR Stitcher:

What is your funding status?
We're bootstrapped, profitable, and unfunded at the moment. This may change, as we'd like to expand faster, which would need more developers.
Enough of this. Just let me try it!

Just click the button below to launch the CleVR Stitcher. If you don't have any photos, you can download the sample images to give it a try.

How can I get more information?
You can use the contact form, or email us on cont...@clevr.ltd.uk. Notice the different TLD in that address. You can also see our CrunchBase profile: