Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, contact us and we'll see what we can do. If it's a particularly interesting one we might add it here.

Taking photos

How do I take a panoramic photo?
It's quite easy. See our short guide for more details.
Do I need a special camera?
Not at all. Any digital camera will be fine. The ones with a "stitch assist" mode are the easiest to use. We use regular Canon cameras, which handle it nicely.
Do I need a tripod?
It works a lot better if you have a tripod or (easier) a monopod. That said, you can still get good results without one. The best way is to rest the camera on something while you take it. You can even take it freehand, but you may get some errors. If you do try it freehand, you will need to make sure you hold the camera close to your body and try to stand in one spot as you take the pics. The very best way of taking a panorama is to use a panoramic bracket for your tripod.
How much overlap should I have on my photos?
Around one quarter of the frame works best, but the stitcher is quite forgiving. If you have stitch assist mode on your camera, just use the overlap from that and it should work perfectly.
Can I use a fisheye lens?
Sorry, no. CleVR doesn't support fisheye images.

Stitching images

What do you mean by stitching?
Stitching is the process where the individual photos are joined into one panoramic image.
Can I use my own stitching software?
Sure. Our stitcher is free, and works really well, but if you prefer using other software it's not a problem. You will need to note the horizontal field of view and enter it when you upload. If your software offers different output formats, choose equirectangular or cyclindrical jpeg.
Can I retouch my panorama in Photoshop?
Certainly. You should retouch the finished panorama, not the individual photos. If you are using the CleVR stitcher, you can export it after it has stitched and edit it in any graphics software. There is an option in the File menu. Once you have finished, you can then reopen it in the stither and continue as usual.

Sharing panoramas

How can I share my panoramas with my friends?
There's a button on the panorama page to email it to a friend. Or you could add it to your blog or website (see next question) or click one of the little links at the bottom of the page to add it to Facebook etc.
Can I put panoramas on my web site or blog?
We'd love it if you did! For most sites, simply copy the code from the "Embed" box on the panorama page or click the share buttons for sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

Other questions

Who are you guys?
We are CleVR Ltd, a small company based in Bristol in the UK. We've been doing this sort of thing since 2000, but this is the first time we've offered a free service to the public. We hope you enjoy it!
This sucks! Why doesn't it do [insert feature here]?
We're sorry! This is very new, so will be a bit rough around the edges. We'd love to hear any suggestions you might have for improving it. Of course, we'd also love to hear what you like about it.
What's with the name? Were you "inspired" by a certain popular photographic site?
Well, that's two questions. To answer the last one first: in a word, NO. We've used the domain and name CleVR since 2000. Since before the Web was 2.0, and networks were social. To answer the first part, it's short for "Clementine Virtual Reality". Clementine, being the old name of our company, and Virtual Reality being the traditional (if slightly exaggerated) description of these panoramas. This also explains the odd capitalisation of the word.
But it's not virtual reality, is it?
Ok, not really. But Lawnmower Man was a terrible movie, and this doesn't need silly goggles.
I want to know more about you!
See our CrunchBase profile: We have a special FAQ for bloggers/press/anyone who wants to write about us.